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Building a successful business is not only about the right team with the right idea at the right time. UrbanTech visionaries like you need to find partners, that enable you to be at the top of your game.

That‘s why we at 2bX provide much more than venture capital – we help you 2b what you deserve 2b.

2b impactful

We rethink the world. And start with the cities. 
Your vision of a better tomorrow is our drive.
Let us be your partner in crime making cities a better place.

2b impactful

Urban Challenge: Climate Change

Peak temperatures, droughts and heavier rainfall and storms - an increasing risk for cities and urban infrastructure. The challenge at hand is to build climate resilient cities that are able to face the global climate change and its implications.

Urban Challenge: Density

In Europe 3,050 people per square km are living in urban areas. Cities are already at the verge of collapse while the density is expected to increase further. Density becomes a core challenge in developing cities of the future while keeping them affordable.

Urban Challenge: Circularity

Currently linear supply chains (make, waste, dispose) are pushing cities to its limits. Circularity means to redesign the flow of resources such as building materials, water, food and energy to create more efficient supply chains and increase the output per resource used significantly.  ​

Urban Challenge: Livability

Ensuring equal access to fundamental services such as food, education, health care and a safe & stable built- and natural environment remains a key challenge. Given the demographic changes in European societies, this challenge will become increasingly pressing.

2b put first

Our maxim: Makers first.
We care about you. Your thoughts. Wishes. Worries.
With heart and passion. We back you up, anytime, anywhere.


2b connected

Your networking superpower.

Nikolas Bullwinkel, Founder of Circus

Since joining us at Day 1, our work with 2bX has been extremely valuable not only to the founders team but the whole company’s growth. We highly value the open, transparent way of communication and support in strategic decisions whenever required.

Nikolas Bullwinkel
Mona Hornung and Julia Wadehn, the Founders of NOVO

We got to know 2bX as a team that dares making unconventional moves. And the openness and calmness with which they do it doesn’t stop to impress us.

Mona Hornung, Julia Wadehn
The founder of Infrared City: Angelos Chronis

We decided to work with 2bX because of their humane approach to investment. Our discussions were always open, deep and real. We felt we were treated like people and not just a portfolio asset.

Angelos Chronis
The founders of JUCR

In 2bX, we immediately saw the courage to change things, to think and to tackle things differently in our first conversation. That impressed us and showed us that 2bX is not a standard VC. We appreciate the fast, open and direct communication, which has built up a very strong relationship of trust.

Richard Birich, Lukas Puls, Maximilian Grollmann
Maximilian Körner

2bX is hands-on, trustworthy and supportive at all times. At Predium we really appreciate the open communication and the support on strategic and operational topics while 2bX never forgets to remind us to take care of our mental health.

Maximilian Körner
Sascha Wolf, founder of Dwellers Club

From the first time we met, we had a very positive, energetic and trusting way of collaboration. The entire 2bX team represents a high level of expertise, enthusiasm and a remarkably supportive mindset.

Sascha Wolf
Evernest_Management Team_portrait

From day one we were fully aligned on our mission to change the status-quo of real estate brokerage. The team always supported us in all matters and helped us grow above and beyond!

Christian Evers, Luisa Haxel, Stefan Betzold

Working with 2bX was valuable as they not only bring a good network in the Real Estate space, but also combine the VC perspective to fast scaling companies.

Johannes Braith

At Construyo we are proud of a culture based on transparency and care. We are happy that those values are also an integral part of the collaboration between the 2bX team and founders.

Leonhard Jeub & Fabian Müller
Ruben Haas, founder of Comgy

2bX has been an extremely valuable partner in building Comgy – well beyond the financial investment. I highly appreciate the support in fundraising, helping to prepare the company for follow up investments, as well as the qualified input on strategic and corporate finance aspects of the business.

Ruben Haas


2b supported

Your partners in crime.



Pacemaker. Hurricane.

He drives vision and execution. With venture capital flowing in his veins. Mark combines being rock in the surf and a swarm of bees for you at the same time.

Mark’s X — Always finding a solution.

Founder, Partner


Orchestrator. Booster.

Systemic business coach meets VC. KJ is a fighter for clear communication, powerful team dynamics and an unfu**ed relationship between founders and investors.

KJ’s X — ‘Aha moment’ addict.

Co-founder, Partner


Machinist. Gentleman.

He supports both 2bX and the portfolio in strategy and opportunities. Gregory has a fine sense of timing, policy and business models, obviously.

Gregory’s X — Always there to help.

Co-founder, Venture Partner


Number Cruncher. Rebel.

Swiss Army Knife with a focus on quantitative matters. Stands with both feet in the trenches to find the most promising founders to invest in.

Martijn’s X — In love with numbers.

Investment Team Lead


Cheerful. Eager.

Always on the hunt for innovative ideas and people, she plunges into the UrbanTech sphere to find the best tech to shape the future of our cities.

Jessie’s X — Fond of details.

Investment Associate



You may stumble. We know that.

We hate bullshit. Trust is our credo. So we communicate simple.

You can reach us. For problems and thoughts. Everywhere. Anytime.


Our demand: Enabling Visions.
We combine relevant equity power with a strong operations competence. Empowering founders to live and level up their ideas.

Funds raised by Fund I portfolio companies EUR 42M+ Urbantech direct Investments in Fund I 7 Initial Ticket Up to 2 Mio Focus Market Europe Early Stage Pre-seed to Seed Funds raised by Fund I portfolio companies EUR 42M+ Urbantech direct Investments in Fund I 7 Initial Ticket Up to 2 Mio Focus Market Europe Early Stage Pre-seed to Seed


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